Flynn Drilling Co. in Troy Missouri constructs a 400′ domestic well to provide dust suppression in a mine 300′ below ground level.  This is located in Hannibal, Missouri not too far from Mark Twain’s Cave.  During the construction of the well all drill cuttings had to be contained and hauled out of the mine.  Once in the mine it was pitch black and the only lighting was man produced from generators.  There were no gas powered equipment allowed in the construction of the well, diesel only.  The completion of the 400′ 6″ drilled well became artesian and produced approximately 20gpm @ 30psi.  No pump was needed for this well project.  A solenoid valve was installed to control the demand for the water supply for the dust suppression equipment in the mine.  No signs of Tom Sawyer or Injun Joe was spotted during the construction.