Flynn Drilling has played a vital role in the drilling industry since 1954 by applying our expert knowledge, and utilizing the most modern drilling equipment available to ensure a quality well for our clients now and in the future. When deciding how to construct a new well the geological conditions in your immediate area determines casing depths, total well depths, and if the well may need an inner liner.  All wells drilled by Flynn Drilling shall be certified with MO DNR and shall meet or exceed all state requirements. It is our promise that with everything Flynn Drilling has to offer you will be very satisfied with every aspect of our services.


Flynn Drilling is a Missouri Department of Natural Resources licensed contractor in the state of Missouri, and is a member of the National Ground Water Association.


The Department of Natural Resources sets all the rules and regulations for water well construction. DNR requires us to set 6 inches of casing a min of 80ft or 30ft into bed rock. Then it is cemented in place to prevent any surface water or contaminates from getting into the well water. In our service area you could see anywhere from 80ft to 400ft + of casing. With all the wells Flynn Drilling has drilled in our service area we can study the neighboring wells to estimate very closely how much casing your well may or may not need.

Well depth

When deciding how deep your well needs to be drilled after setting the casing we can also base this off of the many wells we have drilled around the particular area, and the amount of water needed for your particular application. You could be using the well for a residential home, multiple residential homes, lawn irrigation, filling a lake, etc. In our service area wells can go anywhere from 300ft to 1,200ft deep, and can produce as little as 1 gallon per minute to 100+ gallons per minute. We prefer to see the well produce more than the desired pump rate to ensure significant efficiency.


After setting casing and drilling your well to total well depth sometimes bad unseen geological formations are encountered beyond your casing depth. Examples would be (shale, mud seems, broken formations etc.) and it requires us to install an inner liner to protect the integrity of the well.

housewaterwellsystem 1
housewaterwellsystem 2

A. Well Seal
B. Well Casing
C. Pit less Adapter
D. Pump & Motor
E. Water Level
F. Water Line
G. Electric Line
H. Control Panel
I. Disconnect Box
J. Pressure Tank
K. Pressure Sensor
L. Pressure Gauge