Flynn Drilling has always made customer service top priority by treating every service call as if it was our own. We are staffed with the largest service crews and fleet in the state of Missouri to ensure our customers’ needs are attended to within 24 hours of emergency service requests. Our service technicians are certified through the Department of Natural Resources to service and maintain any water well in the state of Missouri.  If you have a problem with your pumping equipment Flynn Drilling will be there when you need us.

What are some common well problems you might come across?

Incorrect power to controls, no power to the controls, power not getting through pressure switch, damaged pump and motor.

Improper fuses, incorrect voltage, bad capacitors, defective control box, damaged or bare cable in the well, damaged pump and motor.

Clogged pressure switch, water logged tank, improper tank size, improper pressure switch setting, leak in system.

Check valve stuck in system, leak in piping, restricted suction in intake screen, damaged pump and motor.

Obstruction in piping, leak in piping, clogged softener, clogged filters, improperly sized plumbing in house, well pumping down and running out of water, damaged pump and motor.

Our Services

  • Service and installation of residential, irrigation, and commercial pumps
  • Well abandonment services
  • Certified Well Inspections
  • “Down well” video recording to monitor structural integrity of well casing
  • Water Sampling
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Leak detection and maintenance
  • Service records on every property we have ever worked on
  • 1 Year Warranty on Installation and Labor

Pump Sales

Flynn Drilling is equipped to complete any job large or small as we provide a variety of different pumps and motors to meet the projects specific needs whether it is residential or commercial. There are many applications that factor into deciding what type of pumping equipment you might need such as; single home wells, shared home wells, suppling irrigation, filling lakes, livestock farms, ext.  We utilize the most modern pumping equipment available on the market at a competitive price to assure you a reliable long-lasting system now and in the future.

Different Pump Options

Constant Pressure System dia1

Constant Pressure System

Pressure systems change the speed of the pump to meet the demand for water. When water demand increases, pump speed increases and when water demand decreases, the pump speed will decrease. To maintain pressure in the most efficient way possible the pump only runs as much as necessary to meet demand throughout the home or yard. Also, smaller and lighter tanks can be used and even mounted off the floor, saving space. (Click the image to the left to view the Constant Pressure System)

Constant Pressure System dia1

Conventional Water Well System

Conventional water well systems are set up to run at a certain pressure per square inch (psi), which is typically 40 to 60 psi. The pump in your well is set to run at one speed, keeping your line pressure at either 40 psi or 60 psi. When your line pressure reaches 40 psi the pump starts and pumps water until the pressure reaches 60 psi and shuts off. As your family uses water in your home the pressure drops, and when the tank reaches 40 psi the pump starts again. When you use multiple water sources at once, like the shower and washing machine, water pressure drops quickly, causing your shower to sputter, washer to fill slowly and water flow to diminish. (Click the image to the left to view the Conventional System)



Our Manufacturers offer a 5 Year Warranty on Pumps, Motors, and Tanks