Specialized Services

Flynn Drilling Co. offers the expertise and equipment needed to provide their clients with the specialized services they require. Flynn Drilling Co. offers various specialized services such as electrical evaluations, hydraulic analysis, mechanical piping, televised underground surveys, chemical treatment of wells for well rehabilitation, and much more. Flynn Drilling Co. is a NATE and OSHA certified contractor and we can provide you with these specialized services to help restore your system back to peak efficiency.

An unchlorinated public water supply system called a Flynn Drilling Company, Inc. representative on a Friday evening having major Total Coliform contamination though out the system. MDNR was requesting emergency chlorination. Flynn Drilling Co., Inc. responded within 12 hours and was on-site installing chlorine feed pumps and tanks, disinfecting two wells and disinfecting the water storage tank.

After the sanitary integrity of the system was restored, word came that MDNR was requiring permanent disinfection be installed for this water system. To comply with monitoring requirements this involved not just the installation of the chemical feed equipment, but also chlorine residual analysers and telemetry systems to allow for 24 hour off-site monitoring.

Flynn Drilling Co., Inc. provided a design build project that helped this system come back into compliance with water quality standards, and to satisfy the regulatory requirements of the State’s Primacy agency. From the original design, engineering services to obtain plan approval, to the installation and start up of the disinfection system, Flynn Drilling Company, Inc. took the lead and provided this water utility with a quality chlorination system in a timely manner addressing the contamination issue, and at a lower cost than conventional new construction practices.

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